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Pre-funeral Service

Through advanced funeral pre-planning, our professional team will ensure that your needs are covered when the inevitable occurs.

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Funeral Service

We offer Singapore funeral services. Our dedicated team of professionals will ensure that processes are smooth and worry-free for your family and loved ones.

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Post-funeral Service

We provide a comprehensive set of after-death care services for a meaningful closure for the deceased and grieving families.

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While it is often difficult to put feelings into words, flowers and gifts are a visual expression of love, sympathy and respect.

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The memories they leave behind

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The years we’ve shared have been joyful. You lit up my life, my hopes, and my dreams. The memories we’ve made will stay forever, because you were the greatest of them all.

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What The Families Say

On behalf of my family, we would like to applaud Embrace for their excellent service. Everything was well-thought and put in place before we even ask or think about it. Jeffrey and his team are very efficient and organized, which helped to take a huge load off us while we grieve the loss of my beloved grandfather. My family is very grateful for all the help and support you have given us throughout this difficult time.

Lastly, I would like to thank Jeffrey for taking the time to drop by every day to check on things. From the care you showed my family, it is evident that you are passionate about what you are doing.

Pauline Ng

I will like to express our greatest gratitude to Jeffrey and his team for their preparation on my father funeral. They have come up with the online obituary that save us a hassle to inform all the relative during the hard time that we are experiencing. All small little details are clearly explain even during wee hours during this difficult time. 5 star ratings and 5 thumbs up for the thoughtful service!


Grand daughter

About Embrace Funeral Service

Embrace Funeral Services Singapore (懷恩生命禮儀) is a one-stop Singapore funeral services provider that was founded by our 4th generation undertaker, Jeffrey Lee Yi Fu.

With over 20 years of experience working alongside his grandfather and father, Jeffrey began to learn the delicate value of life from a young age. Embrace Funeral Services then evolved with a modern approach towards funerals while keeping true to cultures and traditions.

At Embrace Funeral Services, we are committed to providing the finest funeral services in Singapore, where families can rely on during their times of need.

To learn more about our funeral process and funeral packages, simply give us a call on our 24 hours hotline.

Frequenty Asked Questions

A funeral home can offer Singapore funeral services such as pre-planning consultation, post funeral consultation and give advice on customs and practices.

We also offer post funeral prayers services, arranging of prayer items, doing memorial keepsakes and linking up with lawyers for legal advice.

Funeral services costs can range from $4999 onwards depending on the packages chosen, religion, taking into consideration of customer profile, requirements and budget.

Funeral packages are flexible, meaning it can also be customised according to customers’ needs, budgets and requirements.

A non obligatory consultation can be arranged to go through with customers and a customised funeral can be arranged and planned.

1. Pause. Please take a moment to embrace the moment and embrace your feelings.

2. Decide on which religious funeral is suitable for the deceased.

3. Give us a call at our 24 hour helpline @ 96921100. We will answer immediately and guide you along on what to do.

(While waiting for us to arrive)

4. If the deceased is the at home, we will arrange a doctor over.

If the deceased is in hospital, get the doctor to do up the CCOD, and proceed to A&E department or to obtain the death certificate.

5. Prepare a clothing selection for your loved one to put on when we place him/her in the Coffin. Give it to us during our first meeting..

6. Prepare a photo for display during the wake at the funeral..

7. Decide on the final resting place for your loved one.

8. Decide on a budget for the funeral that you are comfortable with. The last thing we want is for you to fret over payment terms. We want you and your family to be able grief properly and spend time with your loved ones during this pivotal moment in your life.

9. We will guide you accordingly when we arrive, don’t worry, we take care of 95% of the whole procedure.

1. Decide on which religious funeral is suitable for the deceased.

2. Prepare a set of clothes for your loved one to wear when we lay him/her into the coffin.

3. Prepare a photo for enlarging for use at funeral wake.

4. Decide on the final resting place for your loved one.

5. Have a rough range of budget that you have for the funeral. The last thing we want is for you to fret over payment terms. We want you and your family to be able grief properly and spend time with your loved ones during this important moment in your life.

6. Call our 24 hour helpline @ 96921100. We will answer immediately and guide you along on what to do.

Give us a call at our 24 hour helpline @ 96921100. We will guide you and advice you accordingly.

For Cremation or Burial

The body of a Singapore Citizen/Permanent Resident may be brought back to Singapore for cremation or burial. However, a Coffin (Import) Permit is required to import a body into Singapore. A funeral director should be able to assist you in the procedures.

Application of Coffin (Import) Permit

a) You may apply for a coffin permit at any time from the following offices:

Port Health Office
4545 Jalan Bukit Merah
Singapore 159466
Tel: 6222 2585
Fax: 6222 8543

Airport Health Office
Singapore Changi Airport
Tel: 6543 2515
Fax: 6543 1973

b) Documents required for the issuance of the coffin permit:

1. Death Certificate issued by the country where death occurred (copy of English translation is required if the death certificate is in ethnic languages),
2. Cause of Death Certificate or a Statutory Declaration
3. Sealing Certificate for the coffin
4. Embalming Certificate, where applicable
5. Coffin Export Permit from the country exporting the body
6. Air Waybill (Air Consignment Note) if by air

If the application is by the funeral director, the Permit to Cremate/Bury will be granted provided the next-of-kin gives a letter of authorization for the funeral director to apply for the permit.

c) The coffin permit costs $10. The Permit to Bury/Cremate will be issued with the coffin permit at no extra charge.

Note: Prior written approval has to be obtained from the National Environment Agency, Environmental Health Department for the import of a body of an HIV-infected Singapore Citizen

Source: http://www.nea.gov.sg/public-health/care-for-the-dead/other-death-related-matters/death-registration/when-death-occurs

We provide pro-bono and heavily discounted funeral services for people who are really in need.

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