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Holding a funeral wake during Phase 3 “Heightened Alert” (From 10 August 2021 Onwards)

Update: From 10th August onwards: No. of funeral wake attendees is capped at 30 pax Visitors can sit in groups of 5   Holding a funeral wake during Phase 2 “Heightened Alert” (From 22 July – 18 August 2021 Onwards) Key Changes: Groups of not more than 2 pax & no intermingling of groups. Every table […]

Covid-19: Rules and regulations (Singapore) for funeral wakes during Circuit Breaker Phase 3

***For Latest Phase 2 (Heightened Alert: 16 May – 13 Jun 2021) Rules and Regulations, refer to this link:   Phase 3 rules and regulations for Funeral Wakes in Singapore (Updated on 20th April 2021)   Latest update: From 8th – 30th May 2021: Attendees at funerals will be reverted back to a cap of 30 pax […]

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A Helpful Guide On Attending Different Kinds Of Funerals

In Singapore, funerals are quite a common occurrence, and many of us may have had to attend them because of the passing of an older family member or someone else that we know. We often know the general rule of attending funerals, such as not wearing clothing that is sloppy or skimpy as they are […]

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Soundscapes Of Death And Loss: Music’s Role In Mourning

When it comes down to emotional expression, music always been associated as the most powerful mode for displaying the range of the human consciousness. In sadness, in jubilance, in celebration, in tradition, music has always been around to convey something innate and inherent. It has done great things for us. Yet, it is through grief, […]

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Dealing With Death And Loss: Turning Pain Into Power

Losing anybody to the unknown realm of death is a devastating blow to one’s life. It could be a parent. It could be an animal companion. It could be someone you used to work with on a daily basis. The sudden absence is bound to have its effect on one’s lifestyle and might even shift […]

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Creative And Interesting Ways To Pay Tribute To The Deceased

Losing a loved one is never easy. Each person mourns in their own way and at their own pace and time. Grief itself is an experience that may become a part of the mourner’s life. It is not possible to know when the pain might return suddenly, if it does. No matter how one might […]