Holding Funeral Wakes During This Covid-19 Circuit Breaker Period

Important: Read the most updated Covid-19 Funeral Rules and Restrictions in Singapore.

We have been getting quite a number of queries regarding holding funeral wakes during this Covid-19 situation, especially during this “Circuit Breaker”.
Below is a summary of guidelines and regulations to take note:

1. Funeral wakes can still be held.

2. Funeral wakes should involve no more than 10 persons at any one time (excluding religious workers and other supporting staff, which must be kept to a minimum and limited to essential activities only)

3. Attendees at the wake must maintain social distancing and wear a mask at all time.

4. Attendees must have temperature taken upon arrival at funeral wake and fill up contact tracing form.

5. No more than 10 person during sending off.

6. No live bands or traditional drums formation during sending off.

7. No more than 10 person attending cremation or burial service (Family members included)

8. No food and drinks to be served pre & post services during cremation and burial. Attendees are advised to leave immediately after cremation or burial service to minimise interaction and exposure.

Let’s us do our part in winning this virus war together.


At Embrace Funeral Services, we work closely with family members to carry out funeral services in Singapore. Grieve and process your emotions appropriately without stress as we assist with funeral preparations. In addition, we offer bereavement support to friends and family that require it.

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