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About Inland Ash Scattering Services

At Embrace Funeral Services, we provide a dignified last farewell to the dearly departed with a memorable and personalised service. A funeral service is not merely for the deceased but also serves as a source of comfort and consolation to those grieving. An inland ash scattering can be meaningful in this regard.

That is why at Embrace Funeral Service, we provide a smooth and memorable service to grieving families to tide them through these tough times.

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Inland Ash Scattering Package

Embrace Funeral Services’ inland ash scattering is part of the process during other main funeral services. The inland ask scattering portion of the funeral includes:

  • Collection of cremated remains
  • Transferring to the scattering container
  • Application of the inland ash scattering process with relevant authorities
  • Bringing of ashes to the Choa Chu Kang Garden of Peace

As a final farewell to your loved one, you might want to consider the following add-on services:

  • Essential chanting session according to religious beliefs
  • Fresh flowers

For any other additional services, please contact us at our 24-hour helpline – 96921100 and our funeral directors will assist you in making this process as fuss-free as possible.

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What is Inland Ash Scattering?

Inland ash scattering is a green burial method introduced in Singapore in May 2021 where you scatter ashes on land. It consists of the scattering of ashes onto the bed of pebbles in the gardens.

Inland ash scattering is designed to provide an alternative to storing cremated ashes in a columbarium, at home or scattering ashes at sea. It is considered to be an environmentally-friendly and sustainable option.


Why do some people choose Inland Ash Scattering?

These are some reasons why our customers ask for inland ash scattering:

  • It can be the wishes of the deceased and their loved ones to be laid to rest amongst the tranquility and beauty of nature.
  • It is an alternative for people who prefer environmentally friendly burial methods.
  • For those who do not wish to burden the next generation with caring for their niche in years ahead
  • The Garden of Peace offers families a tranquil place to remember their lost loved ones. It’s a place for family members to be close again, providing them with solace and comfort in nature.


Inland Ash Scattering Sites in Singapore

There are two government-managed ash-scattering facilities in Singapore where you can scatter ashes on land:

1) Garden of Peace at Choa Chu Kang Cemetery Complex

Address: Muslim Cemetery Path 11

Opening Hours: 9am to 5pm daily (except on days closed for maintenance)

2) Garden of Serenity at Mandai Crematorium Complex – (slated to open in 2024)

Address: 300 Mandai Rd, Singapore 779393


Inland Ash Scattering Guidelines

We live in a country with people from different cultures, religions, and beliefs. Therefore both gardens were intentionally crafted to be secular. No religious rituals or practices like burning incense sticks, presenting food offerings or playing music can take place within the garden grounds.

Nonetheless, there is an individual prayer facility on the periphery for individuals who wish to perform a simple ceremony.

  • Various documents are required upon application depending if the ashes are brought straight from cremation, from exhumation or from relocation. You may find the list of documents required by the National Environmental Agency here.
  • Usage of the scattering lane is strictly by appointment only. Bookings can be made online, over the phone, or in person at the Mandai Crematorium Office and Choa Chu Kang Cemetery Office service counters.
  • Only cremated ashes of the deceased who were Singapore Citizens/Permanent Residents and foreigners, and who passed away in Singapore, and whose next-of-kin are Singapore Citizens/Permanent Residents are allowed.
  • Only fine ashes are allowed to be scattered. To turn cremated ashes into fine ash, please head to the following facilities: Ash Collection Centre at Choa Chu Kang Crematorium , Ash Collection Centre at Mandai Crematorium

Inland Ash Scattering procedures

  • A one-time use ash scattering canister will be provided to store the fine ashes and transport them to the scattering lane.
  • Families can carry out final prayers at the prayer facility near the entrance
  • After which, families can proceed to the designated lane of their choice to carry out the scattering of ashes onto the bed of pebbles and water it into the soil underneath.
  • Families get to be hands-on in the proceeding, spending the final moment together and returning their loved ones back to nature, signifying the completion of one’s cycle of life and a form of closure to families.
  • After scattering, families can use the watering cans and taps provided to water the area so that the ashes can percolate into the soil better. At the end of the day, water sprinklers will be activated as well.

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About Embrace Funeral Services

Embrace Funeral Services Singapore (懷恩生命禮儀) is a one-stop professional funeral service provider that was founded by our 4th generation funeral director, Jeffrey Lee Yi Fu.

At Embrace Funeral Services, we are committed to providing the finest quality funeral services where families can rely on during their times of need.



Bereaved families can opt-in for a simple prayer/ceremony session to be conducted in the on-site prayer facility to pay their final respects to the deceased.

The Garden is located on level ground and is wheelchair-friendly. Guide dogs accompanying visually-impaired persons are welcomed within the Garden.

The Garden is designed to be a secular space suitable for people of all faiths. As such, any commemorative item will be removed.

You can bring along fresh flowers to be placed in the specially designed rack. No food is allowed to be consumed in the premises.



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