Perspective of Inland Ash Scattering

Perspective of Inland Ash Scattering

By: Guan Ying

Inland Ash Scattering, a newly introduced arrangement that began its operations in May 2021, which provides people with an alternative method to handle the remains of the departed apart from the current option of storing in columbarium, scattering at sea or land burial regardless of their religious faiths.


The Garden of Peace, located at Choa Chu Kang Cemetery Complex, adopts a minimalist open garden concept. As I step foot into the Garden of Peace, I was greeted with a serene landscape, professionally designed with four dedicated ash scattering lanes surrounded with trees and shrubs, providing ample privacy for families and friends to spend the last moment with their loved ones.


As no religious rites can be conducted during the scattering of ashes as a form of respect to all religious groups, a prayer facility can be found located near the entrance, for people who wished to carry out their final prayers, which I found was well thought out. After which, families can proceed to the designated lane of their choice to carry out the scattering of ashes onto the bed of pebbles and watering it into the soil underneath. Families get to be hands-on in the proceeding, spending the final moment together and returning their loved ones back to nature, signifying the completion of one’s cycle of life and a form of closure to families.


Personally, I find that the Inland Ash Scattering is a great initiative, given the increase in awareness of green efforts and movement towards developing a sustainable future for the nation, as well as countering the issue of land scarcity. Besides, Singapore being a multi-racial and multi-religious country, scattering the ashes onto the same plot of land, denotes living harmoniously regardless of their race, language, and religion. This is also another alternative for people who do not wish to trouble the later generations of having to upkeep their niche in time to come. As opposed to sea burial, where ashes are being scattered out into sea, the Garden of Peace serves as a physical spot where families are free to return to visit, bringing them closer to their loved ones, spending a quiet moment with them, whilst being in nature.

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