Passed away peacefully on 31st Oct 2017. Dearly missed and fondly remembered by family and loved ones.

Family members

  • Cheah Wan Chye (Deceased)

  • Cheah Ngat Keang

    Cheah Ngat Soon (Deceased)

  • Ong Chwee Neo

  • Tan Yong Ngee

  • Cheah Sew Chew

    Cheah Choo Noi, Maggie

    Cheah Soo Geik, Anna

  • Lau Yaw Ben

    Chung Eng Kee, Joseph

    Eddie Fong Joon Tin

  • Lau Wee Hion

    Cheah Wee Khoon, Dennis

    Fong Jia Jun, Marcus

  • Lau Ching Ching

    Cheah Ching Hoon, Kelly

    Cheah Pei Fen, Estee

    Fong Jia Wei, Cheryl

    Fong Jia Rou, Cherol



    Brendan Ee

  • Caleb Ee

  • Celeste Cheong Wen Qi

    Camille Cheong Wen Ting

    Grace Ee

Funeral detailS

Wake Details

The late Mdm Lee Yoon Ann is resting peacefully at Blk 615 Bedok Reservoir Rd Singapore 470615

Funeral Details

A Buddhist funeral service is being held.

Wake will be held from 31st Oct 2017 till 6th Nov 2017 (Monday)
The Cortege will leave on Monday, 6th November 2017 @ 2pm for cremation at Bright Hill Temple (光明山普觉禅寺)@ 3pm.

For more information, kindly contact the family members.

Funeral Service Company

Funeral Director

  • 9660 2731

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