• Tan Keng Hock


    Passed away peacefully on 18th Feb 2017. Dearly missed and fondly remembered by family and loved ones.

Family members

  • Ang Siew Lian

  • Tan Jinsheng

    Tan Wei Ming

  • Stella Chua

  • Tan Hui Ling

    Tan Hui An

  • Ng Choon Kiat

  • Ernest Ng

  • Cherish Ng

  • Tan Keng Hua (Deceased)

    Tan Keng Hwa (Deceased)

  • Lena Wong

    Jie A Liang

  • Tan Kheng Noi

    Tan Noi Cheng

    Tan Noi Hoon

    Tan Noi Huang

  • Han Huat Guan

    Kang Hak Beng

    Ten Yue Chow

    Yeo Hock Lin

Funeral detailS

Wake Details

The late Mr Tan Keng Hock is resting peacefully at 27 Jalan Selamat Singapore 418552

Funeral Details

A Teochew Taoist Funeral Service is being held from 19th Feb 2017 till 22nd Feb 2017.

Prayers service will be held on Tuesday, 21st Feb 2017 @ 4pm.

The cortège will leave on Wednesday, 22nd Feb 2017 @ 11am.

Cremation will be held at Bright Hill Temple @ 12 noon

For more information, kindly contact the family members.

Funeral Service Company

Funeral Director

  • 9660 2731

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