• Wong Kim Nyuk


    Passed away peacefully on 18th February 2020. Dearly missed and fondly remembered by family and loved ones.

Family members

  • Wong Chap Goon (Deceased)

  • Cheng Siew Chan

  • Wong Hin Wah

  • Wong Li Lin

    Wong Ee Lin, Elaine

    Wong Hwei Lin

  • Vincent Toh Hong Hock

    Lim Soon Lee, Edmund

  • Gabriel Toh Jun Ming

    Lim Qin Da, Kyeus

  • Lim Qi Xuan, Kadence

  • Eric Wong Foo Peng

  • Shelley Lau Sui Lang

  • Winnie Wong Leng Nyuk

    Annie Wong Oi Nguek (Deceased)

    Karen Wong Poh Nyuk


  • Lim Khee Joon

    Vincent Choo Weng Fei
    Lim Ai Poh


  • Rayner Augustus Wong

    Kevin Lim Ping King

    Delvin Choo Yong Seng

    Reagan Benjamin Wong


  • Zhu Yuqing

  • Wendy Lim Yen-Lyn

    Michelle Choo Sze Ling

    Kelly Lim Shi Hui

  • Brien Sim Jia Hao

Funeral detailS

Wake Details

The late Mdm Wong Kim Nyuk is resting peacefully @ Open space before 33 Balam Rd Singapore 370033

Funeral Details

A Buddhist funeral is being held.

Wake will be held from 18th February 2020 till 22nd February 2020 (Saturday)

On 22nd February 2020 (Saturday):

Buddhist Funeral Service will be held @ 09:40 am

The Cortège will leave @ 10:40 am for cremation @ Mandai Crematorium Hall 3 @ 11:40 am

For more information, kindly contact family members.

Funeral Service Company

Funeral Director

  • 9660 2731, 9692 1100

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