• Yeo Kai Joo 楊開裕


    Passed away peacefully on 1st October 2019. Dearly missed and fondly remembered by family and loved ones.

Family members

  • Tan Sew Choo

  • Yeo Keng Liang
    Yeo Kheng San
  • Lim Ee Ping
    Lee Kia Boon
  • Yeo Kheng Hui
    Yeo Kheng Kwang
  • Phua Wee Seng

  • Yeo Kai Yee
    Yeo Kai Di
    Phua Wenjie
    Phua Wenze
  • Yeo Yuqin Dana
    Yeo Kai Miou
    Yeo Kai Jen
    Phua Wenxin

Funeral detailS

Wake Details

The late Mr Yeo Kai Joo is resting peacefully @ 623 Bedok Reservoir Road Singapore 470623

Funeral Details

A Buddhist funeral is being held.

Wake will be held from 1st October 2019 till 7th October 2019 (Monday)

On 7th October 2019 (Monday):

Buddhist Funeral Service will be held @ 1 pm

The Cortège will leave @ 2 pm for cremation @ Mandai Crematorium Hall 3 @ 3 pm


我们的至亲: 先(夫/严)  开裕杨府君 恸于2019年10月1日(农厉己亥年九月初三曰),蒙佛接引,安详往生,依佛制礼告别仪式.

每晚为社团亲友探丧之期. 泪涓于10月7日(星期一)下午1点00分举行告别仪式, 下午2点00分出殡,由治丧处扶柩发引至万礼火化场第3厅,于下午3点00分火化.


治喪处:623 Bedok Reservoir Road Singapore 470623


For more information, kindly contact the family members.

Funeral Service Company

Funeral Director

  • 9692 1100, 9660 2731

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