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Funeral Packages with Transparent Pricing

Embrace Funeral Services provides premium quality funeral services with transparent pricing and no hidden charges. Our religious funeral packages will handle the start to finish of a funeral wake or funeral ceremony. Each religious funeral has their own customs and requirements. Scroll down to see which religious funeral is most suitable, and learn what is included in their respective funeral packages. If you would like to learn how to plan a funeral in advance, please click this link.

Funeral Pre-planning Service

Buddhist Funeral Package

Our Buddhist funeral package was created to adhere to the religious practices of Buddhists living in Singapore. Buddhists consider death a major religious significance. It reminds them of the impermanence of human existence and the fragility of the human body. With karma and reincarnation being one of their strong beliefs, it also reinforces the fact that death is only the beginning to one’s rebirth. 3 day Buddhist funeral packages start from $5,999.

Buddhist Funeral Packages

Christian Funeral Package

This funeral package is designed with the Christian community in Singapore in mind. Christians conduct funerals according to the customs of the Christian faith. The Christian faith has a personal cornerstone and core as its foundation as well - Jesus Christ. When a deceased passes on, he/she is believed to be in heaven, also known as the Kingdom of God. 3 Day Christian funeral packages start from $4,999

Christian Funeral Packages

Taoist Funeral Package

This funeral package is designed to meet the needs of Taoists in Singapore. Taoists' strongly relate death with transformation and immortality. The rituals and procedures conducted also vary between different dialect groups i.e. Teochew, Hokkien, Hakka, Cantonese and Hainanese. Despite the differences, the concept underlying the principle of filial piety continually revolves around them as part of their customs and traditions. 3 Day Taoist funeral packages start from $8,288.

Taoist Funeral Packages

Catholic Funeral Package

The Catholic funeral package is catered to those of the Catholic faith in Singapore. Roman Catholics have a strong belief that a deceased's soul lands in one of three places; Heaven, Hell or Purgatory. This is reliant on the work and faith that one carries while alive. When a deceased passes on, the Purgatory becomes an intermediate place where a soul transports itself to when physically dead. 3 day Catholic funeral packages start from $4,999.

Catholic Funeral Packages

Free Thinker Funeral Package

The Free Thinker funeral package is for those who do not follow any religion or set of beliefs. Freethinkers have a viewpoint that beliefs should not be based on tradition/religion. According to them, there is no hard or fast rule in the way one should act in life and they hold a higher degree of flexibility in their thoughts and actions. This is where a funeral for a Freethinker is planned mainly according to their lifestyle, moral, ethics and personality. Free thinker funeral packages start from $4,999.

Free Thinker Funeral Packages

Children Funeral Service

The heart wrench associated with the loss of a child is indescribable. There is no one way to conduct a funeral for your child. What is paramount is that it honors your baby in a way that meets you and your spouse’s needs.

Child Funeral Service

Funeral Emcee/Celebrant

A Funeral Emcee/Celebrant is a qualified person who officiates funerals via planning and administering funeral proceedings. Their aim is for the funeral to be a “celebration of life” where the deceased can be honoured by family members and friends. They place an emphasis on ensuring that the unique story of life of the deceased is conveyed to attendees, especially in terms of their personality and memories.

Funeral Emcee Service

Limbs and Body Parts cremation Service

When you or a loved one have to undergo surgery to amputate a limb or a body part, you may be wondering what happens to that part once the procedure is complete. At Embrace Funeral Services, we provide private cremation of the limbs and body parts at an affordable price. Most importantly, you will be able to collect the ashes of the amputated parts, allowing you a sense of closure and peace.

Limbs And Body Parts Cremation

Homeland Repatriation Package

When a family member dies while abroad, repatriation -or bringing the deceased back to their home country--can be both costly and stressful. Our international repatriation service offers a solution that covers all the bases, from coordinating with authorities to taking care of logistics and paperwork. Let our team of professionals help ease the burden during this difficult time.

International Repatriation package

Direct Cremation Package

A direct cremation funeral package starts from $1,600. Direct cremation generally takes place without a funeral wake beforehand. It is usually held on the same day as the passing or at most up to two days after depending on the availability of the crematorium. It involves steps such as identifying the deceased, obtaining authorization, transporting the body to the crematorium, and holding a simple service.

Direct Cremation Package

Sea Burial Service

Sea burials are a burial service that involves the scattering of cremated remains into a body of water such as an ocean, lake or river. This can be done using either a traditional method which involves wrapping the remains in religious cloth and scattering them by family members, or through the use of a biodegradable urn. The urn is made from paper and recycled plant materials and is designed to sink when placed into the sea. The funeral package for a sea burial service starts from $180.

Sea Burial Funeral Package

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Jeffrey Lee, the founder of Embrace Funeral Services has been serving the funeral needs of Singaporeans for over 20 years. We are a funeral service provider that adheres to customs and traditions, but with a modern approach. We do not offer the cheapest funeral packages in Singapore, but you can expect the highest quality professional funeral services.

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