Taoist Funeral Rites

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Taoist funerals can vary from very elaborate to simplified, depending on the preferences of the family. Taoist funerals involves a lot of details and every ritual, every procedure has a specific meaning behind them. 

In a Taoist funeral, rituals and procedures vary between different dialect groups, for example, Teochew, Hokkien, Hakka, Cantonese, Hainanese

Even though the rituals and procedures may vary, they revolve around the principles of reminding the living the values of filial piety, helping the deceased repent the sins they had committed during their lives and be pardoned by the deities, and helping the deceased soul have a smooth journey into the next life.

Taoist Funeral: The Role of a Funeral Director

The role of the funeral director in Taoist funerals is immensely important. Aside from providing the necessary funeral arrangements, our experienced funeral director will be well-versed in the customs, traditions and practices of Taoist funerals. We can provide the much-needed guidance and advice to the family of the departed, helping them to honour their loved ones with a dignified and meaningful funeral.

An Overview of Taoist Funeral Rites

In traditional Taoist funerals in Singapore, an altar is set up together with a sacred lamp which symbolises the Elixir of Immortality, two large-sized candles, cups filled with tea, rice, water, and five plates of fruits that represent the five elements. In addition, an incense burner is also placed in the middle of the altar to complete the setup.

As there can be various denominations within Taoism, funeral rituals and rites may differ, especially between different dialect groups. There are, however, ritual processes that are common for all of them that are performed during Taoist funerals. They include:

  • Garnering merits for the dearly departed;
  • Gaining protection for the departed’s body from monsters and demons;
  • To separate the dead person from the living; and
  • To gain protection and blessings for the family members
  • To repent and be pardoned for their sins by the deities and ascend to Heaven or reincarnate as a human depending on their deeds.

In modern times, Taoist funerals normally last for either three, five, or seven days.

Embrace Funeral Services has been in the funeral business for four generations, and we are the expert pioneers when it comes to organising and holding Taoist funerals in Singapore. It is also our core value of serving the deceased as if our own, caring for them like family, that with us, grieving families will have a smooth and dignified funeral ceremony process so that they are able to find closure and comfort after the funeral. Call us at +65 9692 1100 for more details on our Taoist funeral services and packages.

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