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Buddhist Funeral Rites

What is a Buddhist Funeral?

 Buddhists believe that once a person has moved on from this world, their souls go through reincarnation. This is the common belief that many Buddhists share, even if they may incorporate aspects of other religions into their funeral rites or service. On the other hand, there are Chinese Buddhist families that may choose to adhere strictly to traditional Buddhist funeral procedures.

Generally, a Buddhist funeral is a ceremony that is held at the family’s home or a funeral parlour. A monk will usually be present to act as the officiant of the funeral. An experienced funeral director will usually be present at the ceremony, followed by chanting and prayers by the monk. Meditations, eulogies, and sermons can also be included in the ceremony depending on the Chinese family’s preferences.

Why Choose Us?

Buddhists strongly believe in Karma, and because of this, they also believe that a person’s karma determines how they will be reincarnated. In our Buddhist funerals, we hold them in accordance with traditional Buddhist funeral rites together with the prayers and chantings by monks, in order to assist the departed loved one transition smoothly into their next life.

Embrace Funeral Services believes in providing dignified and meaningful funeral rites so that a loved one’s soul can be guided well in the afterlife. To us, it is more than just a simple ceremony. We aspire to help grieving families show their final acts of love and affection upon their loved one who has departed so that the healing process can begin and closure can be achieved.

With our experienced funeral directors and funeral staff, you can be assured that we will explain and guide you through all the necessary processes, so even if you’re unfamiliar with Buddhist funerals, you will be able to understand the affordable services that you’re paying for. Also, we practice transparent pricing for our funeral packages, so you can be assured that there will not be hidden charges. We aim to provide a compassionate, professional, and affordable Buddhist funeral service in Singapore for you. 

What Can You Expect with our Funeral Packages?

There are processes and items that are essential to holding a complete Buddhist funeral service in Singapore. Embrace Funeral Services will provide them, which are inclusive of a casket, photos, Buddhist funeral ceremonial items, tentages, tables and chairs, and many others. In addition, we will also make the necessary arrangements such as transferring the body into our care, booking of cremation timings, and also post-funeral services.

Embrace Funeral Services is the trusted choice for funerals services as we are knowledgeable in every step in planning and organising process for a funeral ceremony. Having been in the industry for four generations, we are experts at holding a dignified funeral service. For a more detailed breakdown of the packages, please contact us at +65 9692 1100 for more information.

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