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Our Grandfather Story

What would you say to your loved ones at the end of their lives? “I love you”? “I’ll miss you”?

Not everyone gets a chance to say goodbye, but Jeffrey, a fourth-generation funeral director, helps them to grieve properly. Wendy works with him to understand the ups and downs of funeral planning.

Spirit of Enterprise Award 2023.

Feature on 新明日报 Shin Min Daily News

Funeral direcor Jeffrey Lee shared his story and journey on 新明日报 Shin Min Daily News

Award for Corporate Social Responsibility

Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2022: New Entrepreneur Category, by the Association of Small & Medium Enterprises (ASME)

Entrepreneur of The Year 2022

Entrepreneur of The Year Award 2022, Under the New Entrepreneur Category: by the Association of Small & Medium Enterprises (ASME)

Voices: Fade To Black

Growing up in the presence of the dead, this 4th-generation undertaker was once a victim of relentless bullying. He drowned out the noise of negative voices with tireless passion and positive attitude and is now living a life he is incredibly proud of.

Featured in Newspaper

Collaboration with Edmund Chen


Best In Singapore

We were chosen to be one of the Best Funeral Services in Singapore

Best Reviews feature

Selected as one of the best Funeral Services in Singapore by Best Reviews