Designer/Custom Caskets


What is a Designer/Custom Casket?

Selecting the right type of casket shows how importantly we honour our loved ones. With many different aspects coming into play, it may be difficult to decide what fits best to suit their personality and which commemorates their life. This is where designer caskets are the perfect option to opt for to convey the story of your loved ones.

Designer caskets can also be part of a custom/personalised funeral service.

Through personalisation, a casket can be designed according to the personality and taste of the deceased. Families can provide their own pictures or work closely with designers as well to create a custom casket for the deceased.

Some aspects for consideration of casket design also includes the following:

  • Choice of color, materials and finishes i.e. traditional, metal, wood, pictured style
  • Shape of casket
  • Environmental factors for preference towards eco-friendly materials
  • Cultural influences
  • Personality and taste of the deceased

As much as personalised designer caskets may be a relatively new concept for many, it is a beautiful way to cherish the memories of a loved one. They provide a way to celebrate happy moments shared, and serve a gentle reminder of love, rather than a loss.

Furthermore, not only do they create a dignified remembrance, they also give the grieving family an opportunity to create a happy and peaceful rest place for the deceased for all eternal life.


At Embrace Funeral Services, we believe in providing a meaningful and dignified closure for both the deceased and the grieving family. While ensuring that the deceased transitions smoothly into the afterlife, we want to help grieving families deal with this difficult period with utmost care and professionalism.

We take great importance in ensuring that the desires and needs of the deceased and each family are taken well care of. With our years of experience in handling various religious and non-religious funerals, we are knowledgeable to deliver a professional service that is customised to the way you desire to give your final send-off to your loved ones.

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