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A post-funeral is a comprehensive set of services that involves the after-death care of the deceased. Most importantly, a grieving family needs to make decisions with regards to what they wish to do with the cremated remains. There are a few methods in which a family can choose to opt for when dealing with the cremated remains.

  • Sea Burial
    Sea burial is a rather common option where the family of the deceased scatter their loved ones’ remains into the sea. It is a belief that such an action helps the departed return to nature, forming an eternal resting place. Interestingly, sea burial is also a rather popular option in Singapore due to it being hassle-free and eco-friendly. Furthermore, it is also adopted as some prefer to seek freedom from physical attachments that they had held on in their lifetime.
    There are generally two ways in which a sea burial can be performed. First being the traditional method where the cremated remains are often known to be wrapped in religious cloth and scattered into the sea by family members. Second being the use of a biodegradable urn made from paper and recycled plant materials, which can store the remains and be sunk into the sea.


  • Inland Ash Scattering
    The Inland Ash Scattering is a new option introduced by The National Environmental Agency (NEA), which has been operational since 17 May 2021. This allows for an additional resting place for the departed and is a preferred option by those with the belief of “ashes to ashes, dust to dust”. In addition, this option is also for those who do not wish to be bound by physical niches and have reserves about being scattered into the sea.
    The Garden of Peace is known to be the first of two government managed ash-scattering facilities. It has an open garden setting with designated lanes for the scattering of cremated remains. It is also designed to provide privacy for families so as to ensure a respectful environment for the ash scattering process.


  • Columbarium
    A columbarium niche forms a structure where funeral urns of the departed can be stored at. According to each family’s choice, there are several types of urns that are usually available in terms of shape, size and material.
    Commonly adopted options include niche urns which are boxed or rectangular shaped due to its extreme compactness. Others also include biodegradable urns, scattering tubes and keepsake urns.


  • Crypt Burial System
    The National Environmental Agency (NEA) also introduced an improved version of the traditional soil burial system in 2007, being the “Crypt Burial System” in Singapore. This method allows for optimal land use where the deceased can be buried, allowing for more accessibility for visitors.
    With the endorsement of various religious bodies in Singapore, the different racial groups in the community are accommodated in terms of giving the final farewell to their loved ones. While allowing a neater burial layout, it also prevents graves from shifting due to soil movement and erosion.

Why Choose Us?

At Embrace Funeral Services, we believe in providing a meaningful and dignified closure for both the deceased and the grieving family. While ensuring that the deceased transitions smoothly into the afterlife, we want to help grieving families deal with this difficult period with utmost care and professionalism.

We take great importance in ensuring that the desires and needs of the deceased and each family are taken well care of. With our years of experience in handling various religious and non-religious funerals, we are knowledgeable to deliver a professional service that is customised to the way you desire to give your final send-off to your loved ones.

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Kev S.
Kev S.
08:44 23 Nov 21
Our family and friends of late Damien would like to extend our greatest appreciation towards Jeffrey & team for their... impeccable professionalism and service rendered. They are patient and provide compassion with a personal touch all the way from our initial call to them. All coordination was perfect and the wake was ready within a short period of time. As it was our first time losing a dear family member, they provided advice and recommendation along the way as we were feeling quite lost. All conversation and pricings were clear and open, with no hidden cost at all. It was all written down and documented with a file provided for keeping our important documents.The setup was very modern and it was a beautifully designed wake. Most of our friends and relatives who had attended our brother's wake were impressed by Embrace Funeral Services. They even came up with an online obituary where we could share it conveniently. Despite Jeffrey's busy schedule, he made the effort to drop by every day to ensure things were running smoothly. Our family were not good with words and speeches but the team help us with our farewell speech and it was indeed a very meaningful one.Not forgetting his powerful team who assisted us in the 5 days wake. Aloysius, who helped in the night vigil and guided me with the preparation of breakfast & prayers to my late brother. Jasmine, who took the initiative to decorate my brother's coffin on the last night of the wake and provided photos for our memory. Spencer, who ensured the cleanliness of the altar & wake area and refill of refreshment in the fridge.I sincerely recommend Embrace Funeral Services if you are reading this review. Wishing the team all the best in their future more
Janise Tan
Janise Tan
10:32 05 Nov 21
Thank you Jeffery and your efficient team.The service rendered was PROFESSIONAL. Staff were courteous, attentive, and... always ready to provide guidance while not being intrusive. Even heavy rain did not deter them from rendering their utmost service. We greatly appreciate your more
vanessa chen
vanessa chen
01:35 15 Sep 21
Special heartfelt thanks to the team. As my mum passed away from sudden heart attack and it was already very very late... at night and after being asked about the body handling method as i was being led to register for a death certificate at the hospital, i was in a total state of confusion. I hadn’t even recovered from the upsetting news but am having to make decision on behalf of my late mother. as i sat at the counter after 5 mins, I decided i will drop Jeffery a message to see if he could take up this case. He called back immediately which was very appreciated and provided guidance in handling the procedure and arrived pretty quickly at the hospital.The team really guided me along the entire funeral and they were a very polite, approachable team. The setup was also very nicely done, and had gained many compliments from my relatives who attended the wake, with most saying they were very impressed.Once again, many thanks to Jeffrey , Guan Yin and Alouysius for all the help rendered during this difficult period for me and my more
Adrian YR Chan
Adrian YR Chan
03:11 12 Aug 21
Very thankful to have the team at Embrace to handle all the arrangements when my mom passed on. Special thanks to Jeff... and his team. Your personal touch, compassion, advice, guidance, empathy and professionalism made this a beautiful send off for my mom. The team at Embrace made it all flow smoothly and worry-free, and enabled the family to grief, knowing we can count on you to handle the logistics. The fact that you are 24/7 contactable and just a call away gave us the added security that you are always there for any questions or assistance. Thank you once again more
Michelle Ee
Michelle Ee
03:02 31 Jul 21
When my mum passed away, I didn't know what to do. Alot of questions flooded my mind and Im alone to handle it. Through... referral, I called Jeffery. It indeed was the right decision to make.He is very patient and compassionate. He guided me through the whole process. He handled everything so that I can have the time to grieve.A very special thanks to him, Guanyin and his team members.. Guanyin even made me an artpiece in remembrance of my mum.Thank you for more
Grace Wong
Grace Wong
09:11 11 Jul 21
We engaged Embrace Funeral Services for my grandfather's passing and everything was handled sensitively, swiftly and... efficiently. We were impressed with the personal touches and thoughts put in by Jeffrey & team, and this helped free our minds from worrying about the funeral logistics and gave us space to focus on the bereavement. Extremely professional, would more
evelyn chia
evelyn chia
15:58 05 Jul 21
To Jeffery and Team, We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to have you and your team walking the final... journey with my Popo.Thank you for your professionalism and assurance in guiding us and also accomodating with all of our requests.The wake was well arranged and pleasantly done up.The farewell ceremony was very memorable for my family which helped us to bring closure by expressing our inner thoughts to Popo.Thank you once more
15:48 03 Jul 21
Is Professional and assuring to my family. And also very accommodating in our requests.The wake of my late grandma... was well arranged and pleasantly done up.Farewell ceremony was very memorable for my family which helped us to bring closure by expressing our inner thoughts to our late more
Chua Chen Jun
Chua Chen Jun
12:06 30 Apr 21
We would like to express our greatest thanks to Jeffrey and his team for their hardwork and effort these few days. The... team had showed their professionalism during the 3 days and attending to all our needs too. Without the team, today event will not be as smooth as possible. Once again, thank you guys for all the hard .read more
Lydia Wong
Lydia Wong
09:01 19 Jan 21
A pleasant experience with Embrace Funeral Services team in the midst of shock, chaos & loss of a loved one. Jeffrey's... dad stepped in to help me at the hospital while Jeffrey was engaged with another client. Both Jeffrey and dad guided me every step of the journey with good questions and recommendations.I was very impressed with the efficiency and professional complete set up of the memorial hall (including embalming, make-up and dress up of my late father) within a short 2 hours. The hall was serene, pleasant and simple, just as I had wanted.Sea burial amidst rain and choppy water was also carried out professionally by Jeffrey's dad and assistant. Again we were guided to say final goodbye with a prayer of exaltation before lowering the bones into the ocean.Jeffrey's team helped to capture the final journey with photographs of significant moments, without me asking.I am thankful for the helpful reviews by others that I could meet such a professional funeral director. I hope my review here will help others select an undertaker team who is helpful, competent and professional while grieving.God more
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