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Catholic Funeral in Singapore

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In a Catholic funeral service in Singapore, the life of the recently departed is solemnly commemorated with traditional customs and rituals.

The Cornerstone of Catholicism

Roman Catholics believe that when a person passes away, their souls go to one of three places, namely Heaven, Hell or Purgatory, depending on our works and faith while alive. Night prayers services are held during the funeral where family members, relatives and friends will pray for God to be merciful to the departed, so that they can enter the Gates of Heaven after Purgatory. These prayers also provide comfort and hope to the living.

Roman Catholics believe in Purgatory, which is an intermediate phase where souls go to after physically dying on Earth. Purgatory is a place for those who are unable to enter Heaven because they had committed sins that are forgivable. They must undergo purification before being able to attain the holiness needed for entering Heaven.

Catholics believes that the departed will be resurrected during the Second Coming of Jesus. Catholics believe that they should not be fearful about death as Jesus Christ has conquered death and sin. The Holy Bible also reminds them that they will be reunited with their loved ones in God’s Heaven ultimately.

A Catholic funeral service generally consists of three elements:

The Wake & Vigil

A Catholic funeral wake is held for the family members, relatives, and close friends of the departed loved one for them to pay their respects. Funeral wakes in Singapore can be held at a funeral parlour, a funeral home, in a church, at void decks, or a home. During the vigil, words of encouragement and comfort are shared to the family members in order to assist them in going through the hardship of losing a loved one. Prayers are also led by the Church Minister or a Priest, which is then accompanied by the presentation of memorials and eulogies. The Vigil process may also include the singing of secular music and hymns. 

Funeral Service & Memorial Mass

The Funeral Mass is often held in a church. When the casket that houses the body of the departed arrives at the Church entrance, the Priest would sprinkle holy water on it and then it would be covered with a white pall. The casket will then be moved to the front of the Church where symbols of the Catholic faith such as the Crucifix and the Bible would be placed on the casket by family members. Then, Bible sermons would be read together with a Psalm and Homily. This funeral process will then end with the Eucharist Prayer to conclude the Holy Communion.

Rites of Committal

The Rite of Committal is the last process in a Catholic funeral service. During the rite, prayers are recited at the resting place of the departed. Depending on the family, the final resting place of a loved one can either be the place of internment or an open grave. This process expresses the communion that exists between the Church on Earth and Church on Heaven, which is where the departed ascends to meet God.

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