Embrace By Grace Rainbow
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花葬™ Embraced by Grace™










“光” 代表纯真的孩子,被上天照顾。孩子在被天上的天使指引着方向,为他护航,直达天堂的怀抱。


“花圃“ 每一朵花,代表着我们每一份祝福,每一份祈祷,每一份慰问。

“花葬“™ 愿往生的孩子在天堂里,百花盛开的花圃中,自由自在,无忧无虑的嬉戏奔跑。


Usually when babies or young children unfortunately passes away, the funeral process is usually a very quick one. Babies and young children whom passes away before their time usually won’t hold a wake, unlike adults, which allows families to have some time to grieve together.

The young ones’ funerals usually happens in a whirl.

From the moment they passed on, funeral arrangements being made, and sent for cremation, everything usually happens within a day or 2.

In cases where it’s a stillborn or newborn, the baby’s Mother will not be able to send off her precious child personally, because the Mother has to stay in the hospital either for surgery or recovery, which adds on to the grieve of the Mother.

The pain of losing a child is unimaginable. It leaves a permanent scar deep in the heart.

Whenever we encounter such cases, we will feel deeply for the families, and it is this sympathy and empathy that makes us constantly think how can we help further, how can we help to alleviate this pain the family is feeling.

So in special partnership with Mr Edmund Chen, we designed a coffin for babies & children whom unfortunately had to leave this world before their time.

Mr Edmund Chen is well known as a very loving family man and a renowned artist, hence when I raised up my idea of using art as a form of therapy to help grieving parents to him, he agreed without hesitation

This artwork was painstakingly hand drawn by Mr Edmund Chen, every single stroke, every single line, represents our thoughts, our well wishes, our prayers.

The “rainbow” signifies innocence of the child.

The “rays of light” signifies the child is being guided by Angels above, protecting the child and blessing the child with a smooth journey into Heaven’s Embrace.

The “flowers”, every single one of them signifies our blessing, prayer & thought for the child and the family.

The whole artwork represents our thoughts and prayers. The child has gone to a bright and beautiful place called Heaven, strolling through fields of flowers, running free, basking in the warm lights of Heaven, free from the earthly suffering that took the child away from their grandparents’ & parents’ loving embrace.

By using art as a medium, we hope to alleviate the pain and storm of emotions experienced by the grieving family, turning something so painful, into a moment that helps to comfort their weary spirits.