Grave Exhumation

Grave Exhumation

Grave Exhumation

Grave exhumation services package are inclusive of:

1. Registration and site survey
2. Selection of auspicious date and time
3. Religious ritual arrangement
4. Witnessing the opening of coffin
5. Cremation of remains
6. Urns and marble plaque services

Our professional staffs will accompany client throughout the whole process, to ensure a smooth execution of the exhumation and give client a peace of mind.

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1. 登记与寻坟服务
2. 参考”天干地支”挑选清坟吉日吉时
3. 和尚/道士祭拜祈福仪式
4. 见证开馆
5. 载送火化服务
6. 石碑,骨灰瓮,安骨灰服务。


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What is Grave Exhumation?

Grave exhumation is the process of removing the remains of a deceased loved one from its original grave in a burial site to be relocated to a different location, or to be changed to a different form. This form can then be cremated and subsequently placed in an urn and returned to the family of the deceased.

In Singapore, the government has implemented a burial policy determining that a buried body has to be exhumed after it has been buried for fifteen years. This compulsory policy was introduced as a preventive method to tackle the land scarcity that Singapore faces.

We at Embrace Funeral Services understand that families who face the exhumation and relocation process for their loved one will need an efficient and attentive service that cares for the remains of their loved one until the whole process is done. We can provide that quality of service in Singapore for you.

What to Do Post-Exhumation

 When the process of grave exhumation has finished, and if the remains are placed in an urn, there are a few post-exhumation options for families to choose on how they would want the cremated remains to be laid to rest.

  1. Urns

Ashes are commonly used to store the ashes of a loved one after they have been cremated. Designed specifically to hold ash, these ornamental and vase-shaped containers are used to store the ashes privately in homes or columbariums to be remembered. Embrace Funeral Services provides a selection of beautiful urns for families to choose from so that the ashes of their loved one can be stored with dignity.

  1. Public Columbariums

Public Columbariums are government-owned storage facilities used for storing of urns. The cost of the urn space is provided free by the government, but additional features such as the choice of a slab and other procedures have to be provided by the family of the deceased. Embrace Funeral Services will provide the essential guide and steps for the families in this process to ensure a smooth transition period.

  1. Private Columbariums

Private Columbariums are similar to public columbariums, with the only difference being that the facilities are privately owned. If the families prefer a private urn space in a private columbarium, Embrace Funeral Services will provide the relevant information on purchasing them.

  1. Burial at Sea

Aside from storing the urns at a columbarium, families of the deceased also have the option of scattering their loved one’s ashes at sea. Embrace Funeral Services can arrange for this process to be done in Singapore via boat or directly on the shore.