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What is a Pre Funeral Service?

A pre-planned funeral is a service that contains a set of arrangements to be conducted according to the desires of the deceased ahead of time. This service has been especially helpful for people without a next-of-kin and for those who do not wish to lay the burden of trouble and expenses on their families. For those who would want to plan their funeral according to their own preferences, this service gives them an opportunity to curate a personalised funeral for themselves.

It has been rather increasingly common to have more people seeking such a service for the extra assurance they can get for themselves. Through advanced planning, it also removes any uncertainty that may occur in the near future. Not only does it create a stress-free process for everyone, it also helps families find comfort in realising that the funeral is taking place according to the deceased’s last wishes.

There are numerous benefits in pre-planning a funeral. With the financial security and the emotional relief that one can get, other benefits also include:

  • Relieving families from difficult decisions and confusions
  • Ensuring that costs are covered with no financial burden on others
  • Getting the freedom to make own choices according to desires
  • Having a greater control on the choice of religious rites and distribution of assets

Why Choose Us?

At Embrace Funeral Services, we believe in providing a meaningful and dignified closure for both the deceased and the grieving family. While ensuring that the deceased transitions smoothly into the afterlife, we want to help grieving families deal with this difficult period with utmost care and professionalism.

We take great importance in ensuring that the desires and needs of the deceased and each family are taken well care of. With our years of experience in handling various religious and non-religious funerals, we are knowledgeable to deliver a professional service that is customised to the way you desire to give your final send-off to your loved ones.

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