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Christian Funeral Rites in Singapore

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In a Christian funeral service, it is customary to memorialise the departed person’s life on Earth. The mood is often of joy and hope, as according to Christian teachings regarding death, when a person passes on, they are able to rest and death is a door to Eternal Life. Experiencing death in this world simply means physical death, and Christians are actually spiritually alive. When Christians pass on, they believe that their soul will be with the Lord, and reunite with their loved ones in Heaven one day.

The Cornerstone in Christianity

 It is believed that when a Christian passes on, they will be in heaven to enjoy life forever in the Kingdom of God.

Christians believe that they should not fear death as Jesus Christ has already sacrificed himself for their sins & He has conquered death with His resurrection.

A Christian funeral service in Singapore generally includes the following funeral processes:

Funeral Prayers in Christianity

The funeral prayers in Christian funerals are a vital and important step. In general, most Christian funeral services commence with prayers recited by a Minister or Pastor. Family members, good friends or clergy members can offer sincere prayers to the family members of the departed during the funeral service. According to tradition, worships songs would be prepared along with the prayers before the service begins. As the service progresses, attendees then pray in reverence to God with closed eyes and bowed heads.

A Condolence Book is also provided for guests with the option to write Bible verses together with their prayers to provide comfort for the family members of the departed. When the Condolence Book is read, it may encourage family members and enable them to begin the process of healing.

Scripture Readings

It is common for Bible Readings to occur during the entire funeral process; starting from the place where the departed passed on and concluding when the ashes have been interred. Readings are usually done by the Pastor, and the bereaved family & friends can also be involved in the readings together.

The Giving of Eulogies

Eulogies are dedicated to the departed to remember their life when they were still alive. Depending on the person giving the eulogy, it may be a long one describing their virtues and deeds, or simply a few sentences that summarise the life of the deceased. Eulogies should be recited from the heart, and are an important part of the itinerary in a Christian funeral service. It is a process where memories of the loved one who has departed are celebrated.

Message from the Pastor

In general, Pastors are one of the main coordinators for most Christian funeral services. Their pastoral messages may be provided during the wake through the sermons that they give to the congregation. Every pastoral message is unique, but the focus of the messages are usually on the events of Jesus Christ overcoming Death, and the concept of salvation and redemption.

Graveside Services & Collection of Ash 

If the body of the departed is to be buried, scriptures will be read at the graveside service. The rituals may also differ according to the various religious denominations within Christianity. The ending of the service is usually accompanied with last words that are provided by the Minister, who then allows the body to be lowered into the grave to rest.

If a family wishes to cremate their loved one who has passed on, the arrangement for ashes collection will be done by the undertaker. Subsequently, the ashes can then be placed at either private or public columbarium in Singapore, or be scattered into the sea.

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