Covid-19: Rules and regulations (Singapore) for funeral wakes during Circuit Breaker Phase 3

***For Latest Phase 2 (Heightened Alert: 16 May – 13 Jun 2021) Rules and Regulations, refer to this link:


Phase 3 rules and regulations for Funeral Wakes in Singapore (Updated on 20th April 2021)


Latest update:

From 8th – 30th May 2021: Attendees at funerals will be reverted back to a cap of 30 pax including cremation/burial day due to the recents developent of the Covid-19 Pandemic.


From 24th April 2021 onwards till 7th May 2021: For funerals and wakes, cap will be increased to 50 persons on day of burial/cremation only.


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On 28th December 2020, as we enter Phase 3 of re-opening of circuit breaker regulations what are the rules and regulations to expect.

The following is a summary of what are we expecting from Phase 3 for funeral wakes:

  1. Live instrumental music (non-wind) will be allowed at funeral events. The persons involved in the conduct of live instrumental music must wear a mask and should minimise movement to ensure that the one metre safe distance can be adhered to at all times. They are not to participate in the foot procession. No other performances (e.g. singing, dance, variety act) are allowed and there should be no sharing of equipment (e.g. musical instruments, microphones, props).


  1. The 30pax limit for attendees at funeral events (subject to the safe capacity of the venue, whichever is lower) (Religious personnel and working personnel excluded) Religious workers, funerary staff and persons involved in the conduct of live instrumental music should continue to be kept to a minimum. As a general guide, these should not be more than 50% of the number of attendees at the funeral event.


  1. Burials and cremations shall be attended by not more than thirty persons in total. NEA will issue 30 entry passes for each cremation or burial application at the government-managed facilities.


  1. All attendees at funeral wakes, foot processions, burials and cremations must wear a mask, and maintain a distance of at least one metre from any other individual at all times. Where it is not feasible to apply one metre safe distancing between individuals, this one metre requirement can instead be enforced between groups, with each group made up of not more than 8 persons, and with no mixing between groups. Other safe management measures must also be in place.


  1. Where seating at a table is provided, every chair for each table must be placed at least one metre away from any other chair for another table at all times. Tables and chairs must be arranged such that each table can accommodate not more than 8 individuals seated at the table or not more than 8 individuals in each group separated by space of at least one metre. There should be no mixing between groups.


  1.  We have noted the feedback from the industry, and wish to inform that individually packed drinks may be allowed during funeral wakes.  Individuals should keep their masks on when they are not drinking.  For clarity, please see revised guideline on this below:

  2. Attendees of funeral events should minimize their interaction with fellow attendees and leave
    the premises immediately after the event. No buffet set-up or reception with food and drinks
    is allowed. Individually packed drinks (i.e. bottled/packet drink) or individually packed titbits
    (e.g. peanuts, melon seeds) may be provided, but masks must be worn at all times except when
    the individual is drinking or eating. Funeral Directors are advised to put up signages on the
    tables to remind attendees that, except when the individual is drinking or eating, masks must
    be worn at all times. There should be strictly no sharing of drinks/titbits.
    Individually packed bento boxes may be supplied to family members of the deceased who keep
    vigil for the duration of the funeral wake, and need to consume food at the premises. However,
    they should not interact with the other attendees when consuming their meals, and should
    consume their meals away from guests present at the funeral/wake event.

  3. Hearse escort party is not allowed during the funeral event.

  4. Take the temperature of every individual entering the funeral event space and turn away any person who is unwell.

  5. Obtain and keep the contact particulars of every individual before allowing him/her to enter the funeral event, to facilitate contact tracing when necessary. These records have to be kept for at least 25 days after the date of the funeral.

  6. Keep vulnerable persons, such as the elderly, from attending these events to protect their health and consider alternative solutions for them, such as live video screening instead.

The other in-forced regulations remain unchanged.

Let us continue to stay united, healthy and safe during this time. We are in this together. Let us continue to work hand-in-hand to overcome the Covid-19 situation together.

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Source: NEA-MFPD-ECD-SE-ADV-CIR-20-000019

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