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Free Thinker

Funerals for Freethinkers

Embrace Funeral Services understands that the loss of a loved one is a difficult time for everyone, regardless if they abide by religion or not. The need for a proper send-off for their loved one is a process that is necessary to provide a sense of closure for the family so that they are able to come to terms with the loss and begin the process of healing. Because of this, we believe in providing a dignified and solemn funeral service for both freethinkers and non-religious people.

Unlike religious funerals, freethinker funerals offer a higher degree of flexibility in the preparation process. As there is no particular religious rite to perform or religious beliefs to adhere to, the funeral will become a time for the celebration of the loved one’s life, their impact on the people in their lives, and also for grieving and acknowledgement of loss. In addition, the funeral can be held in consideration of the deceased’s lifestyle, morals, ethics, personality, ethnic tradition, and the family.

Embrace Funeral Services understands that it can be a challenging time for the family to plan a funeral service when they are mourning. This is why we are here to provide our professional services so that we can handle the planning and coordinate the funeral for you. In this way, we hope that we can share our condolences with you and relieve the stress of a funeral service too.

Why Should You Choose Embrace Funeral Services

Embrace Funeral Services consist of professional and highly experienced staff that will provide dedicated care with utmost respect and compassion. We understand that the families going through bereavement will require specific needs during the difficult time, so we endeavour to provide a sympathetic service that will bring the funeral the genuine dignity that it deserves. We aim to honour the memory of your loved one that has passed on with a funeral ceremony that helps you to commemorate the life of the deceased so that you will always remember them in the best light.

Free Thinker Funeral Package

Embrace Funeral Services is the trusted choice for funerals services as we are knowledgeable in every step in planning and organising process for a funeral ceremony. Having been in the industry for four generations, we are experts at holding a dignified funeral service. Our affordable and comprehensive packages include all the necessary funeral items needed for an authentic funeral service. With our package, the planning process becomes efficient and smooth for you, as you will be able to settle many funeral processes at once without having to worry about individuals items. From having the right amount of transportation for families and friends to the actual graveside service, we’ll ensure that we provide the best care for each process in the funeral service.  Call us at +65 9692 1100 for more details on our freethinkers funeral packages.