Limbs and body parts cremation services in Singapore

Cremation services for amputated limbs and body parts in Singapore

In the unfortunate event that one has to undergo surgery to amputate a limb or a body part (eg. finger, toe etc) , what happens to the amputated part after that and what are the options?

At Embrace Funeral Services, we provide the option of private cremation of the limbs and body parts at a very affordable pricing.

And most importantly, owner of the limbs or body parts can collect back the ashes.

Benefits of engaging us:

  1. Professional, respectful and compassionate handling of customers, amputated limbs and body parts and ashes
  2. 1-to-1 arrangement of cremation
  3. Booking of cremation time slots
  4. Handling of all administrative and paper works
  5. Collection of amputated limbs and body parts directly from hospital by us
  6. Direct home delivery of cremated ashes after cremation
  7. Clients collect back the ashes for keepsake or for future combining of ashes after a person passes away.
  8. Option to make the ashes into unique keepsakes under our special collaboration with

Basically, the whole process will be taken care of by our team while the patient can stay home and focus on resting and recuperating.

Another option is to leave it to the hospital where amputated limbs and body parts will be handled by them, which means patients won’t be able to collect back the ashes.

At Embrace Funeral Services, we believe in embracing our clients as if our own in every situation. Hence if the need arises, feel free to contact us to enquire about our cremation of amputated limbs and body parts services.

For generations, Embrace Funeral Services has been assisting with the essential arrangements of funeral services in Singapore. Our team of undertakers pride themselves on their experience and professionalism in being the one stop funeral service provider with honest and affordable rates.

At Embrace Funeral Services, we work closely with family members to carry out funeral services in Singapore. Grieve and process your emotions appropriately without stress as we assist with funeral preparations. In addition, we offer bereavement support to friends and family who requires it.

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