Locations Where You Can Have A Funeral In Singapore

In the twenty first century Singapore, many of us live in the pursuit of happiness and success. The hustle and bustle of city living keeps us going, with technology and the Internet constantly flashing to us new information and content. We are often thinking about where are the latest restaurants to go have a meal at, or what is the newest model of smartphone currently being sold on the market.

There is so much to think about life that sometimes we forget to pause and consider what death looks like. For a small nation that sits on an island, we are consistently stressing out over the scarcity of land and space. This has pushed our country into a mode of sheer efficiency. As a result, death can be very close to home for a majority of Singaporeans. You might know what I am referring to.

Perhaps you are taking the public transport home after a long day at work or school. Or maybe you are sitting in a car, cruising down highways and passing by the heartlands. You see a void deck. You see many people gathered in one area, all dressed in very sombre and formal attire. You then realise that the scene unfolding before your eyes is one depicting a funeral that is happening in real physical life.

A lot of Singaporeans do not regularly think about this but what happens when someone passes away is a process that is filled with many steps and procedures. One of the most critical concerns is that of where. Where will the funeral wake be held at?

If you have never thought about or prepared for a funeral wake before, you might feel lost at what you are supposed to do. Thankfully, you have the privilege of enjoying the efficiency of funeral services in Singapore. A typical consultant with a funeral home director will let you know that the locations used for most, if not all, funeral services are as follow:

1. funeral parlours
2. house
3. void deck

Families who wish to hold the wake at a void deck must apply for a permit that is given by the Town Council. Families who want the wake to be held in a landed property must obtain a permit from the Land Transport Authority (LTA), if the portion of the road outside the property is used.

At Embrace Funeral Services, we provide bereavement services to families in Singapore. Moreover, our funeral home director will make sure that all the funeral arrangements will be settled in tip top condition. No matter how elaborate or how simple the funeral service will be, we are dedicated in being thorough and conscientious in our work. Family members can be assured of our utmost professionalism and experience, having expertise in over four generations of funeral services. Embrace Funeral Services will make all the necessary arrangements required for a professional funeral ceremony, such as securing a venue for the family to hold the wake.

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