Sea Burial Rules and Regulations from 10th August 2021 (Heightened Alert Updates)

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Sea Burial Rules and Regulations (Heightened Alert) From 10th August 2021 Onwards

  1. 1x funeral staff
  2. 1x religious staff
  3. 10x family members (split into 2 groups of 5 persons)


  1. There can be up to 2 groups of family members onboard the harbour craft, excluding boat driver, funeral and religious staff. The size of the group is subject to the prevailing restriction on group size (i.e. 5 per group from 10 Aug)
  2. In all circumstances, the licensed carrying capacity of the harbour craft must not be exceeded.
  3. There must be at least 1m safe distancing and no intermingling between the 2 groups of family members.
  4. The funeral/religious staff must ensure 1m safe distancing between all parties.
  5. The funeral staff is overall responsible to ensure safe management measures are implemented on board the craft. In the absence of the funeral staff, the religious staff will be responsible for the implementation of SMM.

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