What Kind Of Gifts You Can Send Or Bring To A Funeral

If you have been to most funerals in Singapore, they are filled with an overwhelming amount of flowers. Whether they are placed around the casket or left as gift bouquets at the entrance, flowers have become the go-to funeral gift idea. They are a visual representation of one’s grief, one’s sympathy and one’s respect for the recently departed. The choice of flowers can also hint at the type of relationship between the giver and the deceased.

However, if you are reading this article, perhaps you are looking for a gift idea that is more alternative and unique. Maybe you want to offer a gift to the family in mourning that would be more meaningful. Some families find themselves overwhelmed with gifts of flowers. Anticipating this, some families may already have an “in lieu of flowers” suggestion. As guests and visitors, you can check the funeral home or the obituary to see if there are alternative ways to show your sympathy and support.

If you are still looking for alternative gift ideas, keep on reading!

Instead of sending flowers, you can also consider choosing trees and shrubs as gifts. By gifting something that the family can plant and grow in memory of their loved one, you grant them the gift of a memorial that can last for a pretty long time. Of course, you should check if the family has the space to house a shrub or a tree. Perhaps the tree can be planted where the loved one is buried at. Perhaps the tree can be planted at a local park or garden where the deceased often went. If a tree or a shrub is too much of a hassle (knowing the laws and land scarcity of Singapore), you could also consider the idea of a memorial stone. Small and easy to bring around, the stones serve as a remembrance of the deceased. They could be placed next to the grave or the urn, or at the family’s home (if they have an altar set up for honouring the deceased).

Another gift you can send is a card or a note. We are not talking about those Hallmark cards or other generic stuff you can purchase from the mall. Handwritten cards and notes are the most thoughtful things one can receive. More often than not, they truly express your sincerity and your support. There are many articles and guides out there on the Internet, should you need any inspiration to pen your thoughts down.

If you’re not a person of words, perhaps sending a photo (that the family does not have) of the loved one as a trinket. This will add onto their collection of happy, lovely moments and memories of the deceased.

At Embrace Funeral Services, we assist in arranging funeral services in Singapore so that families have the proper space to grieve. Funerals are a way to pay respects to a loved one and honour their memories with gratitude and love.

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