When There Is A Will, There Is A Way With Less Worry

I am sure many of us would have this question running past our minds at one point of our lives: what happens when we pass away? For the average Singaporean, it should not come as a surprise that when we finally pass away, our immediate family would be the ones having to deal with the settling the estate and the funeral arrangements.

Perhaps you might have considered the approach of penning down a will. The idea may seem morbid at first glance. However, there are actual tangible benefits to be prepared and thoughtful of what may come ahead. After all, one might not be able to predict when death is imminent, but we can ready our responses and act wisely in advance. The process of writing one’s will and pre-planning all the funeral services is one that comes with its benefits and a peace of mind.

Not only does a will ensures your assets and the protection of your family, loved ones and friends, but it also helps them to grieve properly without being saddled by financial obstacles. By setting time and thought to pre-plan, you can be assured that you have full control over how you want your funeral processions to be conducted. This is why it is very crucial for you to sit down and consider for an appropriate amount of time to choose the right executor. An executor is someone that will follow your will and carry out all your wishes. They will make sure that all your relevant assets will be located and distributed according to what has been stated in the written will. They will also help with tasks such as applying for a Grant of Probate from the court, among other administrative taskings. If you have any queries or problems when you are trying to write out your will, a professional executor will be there to assist your concerns. They will ensure that all the legalities are met and that you will not run into complications of the law or taxes.

If you are looking for professional services that can help with the pre-planning and execution of funeral arrangements, look no further. Stationed at Embrace Funeral Services, we have an experienced and well-trained team of staff that will guide you throughout the process. We will walk you through step by step, giving you the necessary information so that you and your family will be able to sleep and rest peacefully knowing that you have fully prepared everything to your best abilities. Did we also mention that our service quality is accompanied with reasonable pricing in the market? Not only that, we provide pro-bono funeral services in Singapore, with heavily subsidised services for those who are in dire financial need.

We offer an extensive range of funeral packages for you. Simply pick and choose and no headaches will ever be suffered! Writing a will and mapping out all the funeral arrangements can seem daunting, dark and overwhelming. But there is no reason to fear! Our professional funeral services will help to guide you through every single step and through every detail.

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