Healing Heartbreak And Soothing The Soul With Yoga

No matter what day or season it is, moving on from a recent loss is not that easy. In fact, it is quite an insurmountable feat. With the recent festivities such as the Lunar New Year or the forthcoming Valentine’s Day, old wounds might surface and reopen. Grief that has not been resolved, no matter how well you might bury or suppress it, will inevitably bubble up and remind you of your pain and loss. How can you try to mend the injuries of the heart? In this article, we will delve into the spiritual practice that is yoga and how it has been used to soothe the souls of its practitioners.

Yoga has been proven to be an effective tool for self-care. Yoga provides a space for people to relax and recharge their emotional batteries. In that safe and peaceful space, the mind is able to process one’s grief. Not only does loss affect the person on both emotional and mental levels, but also can put stress on the body and the physical health of the griever. Hormones and neurotransmitters can get thrown into imbalance when one is deeply caught up in the throngs of grief and stress. With anxiety and depression, hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline will start to flood in and pile up. Too much of a certain hormone will have ill consequences on the body’s health. In addition, the immoderate amount of blood flowing into one’s muscles will create lots of tension throughout the body. That can end up feeling like a tight, constricting sensation within one’s chest.

By setting the intention for yoga practices, grievers can achieve spiritual detoxification. Through various exercises and sequences in a yoga class, the griever can start to learn how to listen and pay attention to their own body. By being attuned to your body, you will be made aware of how your innermost thoughts can strongly influenced and shaped how you are like on the exterior. Yoga exercises invite and instil that mindfulness of health, be it on the emotional, the spiritual, or the physical aspect. When you are finally aware of how your body responds to distress and grief, you can start taking the appropriate measures to counter that stress.

For those who have lost a spouse or a partner to death, it might seem impossible to recover from such heartbreaks. Yoga is exceptionally useful in guiding one to open their hearts again, through the literal stretching and opening up of the body’s posture. To confront those deep wounds is to heal the intense heartache. By keeping the body grounded, releasing all the muscle tension, and breathing in and out, the practice of yoga enables the heartbreak and grief to be processed and channelled into energy that is more positive and productive.

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