On Healing: The Importance Of Being Good To Yourself

How can we describe grief? It is simply one of those emotions that have a life of its own. It brings with it every other possible feeling and sometimes there is just no way of distinguishing emotions from one another. Like with any other form of experience or sensation, grief has a beginning and definitely comes with an ending. Depending on what school of thought or philosophy you can believe in or subscribe to, grief does not always have to be a permanent scar on your soul or heart. Grief is a natural experience of human emotion that is triggered in response to something traumatic and distressing. Often times, it is linked to the idea of loss that is destructive to upend one’s world and lifestyle.

If you are in the process of experiencing grief, you might be wondering how you can get through such a bleak period. The trick is to be kind to yourself. It is easier said than done. The concept of self care does not exist or happen overnight. It is all about the simple things and the small details in life. Being good to yourself is not the same as going on a holiday to the beach or throwing a party in a fine dining restaurant. Being good and exercising self care is truly about finding yourself and sorting out the internal chaos you might be going through.

Suffering a loss brings shock to everyone’s bodies, on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. In order to heal, the body must be nourished and fed. A kick-starter step towards a journey of self care. Knowing your body and listening to it will enhance the healing process. Making sure that you consume your meals regularly and maintaining a balanced, healthy diet will improve the body’s physical health. Having great physical health can easily translate to better emotional, mental and spiritual health. It is the reason why fitness and exercise such as dancing, running or yoga are often encouraged for grievers. Having a strong body helps to ward negative energy that could affect the mind and spirit.

In order for self care to be efficient and effective, you must acknowledge that you have your limitations. Humans are not perfect and we simply cannot know or do everything. There will be days that are bad. There will be days when you feel like giving up and your mood is low. Grief simply forces you to go with the flow of those emotions. Those days are valid and part of the grief experience. It is important that you pick yourself up and remember that better days will come. Remember that healing and progress is not linear. One bad day does not invalidate all the good days. The healing journey cannot be rushed. One must give it time and space.

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