Mourning & Coping With The Loss Of Your Romantic Partner

When you find the one, it just goes without saying that you do not want to lose the person that we want to spend the rest of our lives with. Some of us spend a long period of time, just waiting and searching for the other half of us, the person who is said to be the soulmate.

Perhaps you have been dating with your romantic partner for many years. Perhaps you two might have already made plans for the future, such as buying a house together or tying the knot. Your beloved partner is someone who has become an integral part of your life. You have already become accustomed to seeing their face every day and basking in their presence. They have formed the crucial pillar of support for you to be able to face any challenges or tasks headstrong. It is a close and intimate relationship that cannot be so easily severed.

Yet once love has been found, the loss of it can be felt tremendously. Without love, there will be a time where it seems like only pain exists and in overwhelming loads. Whether one believes in fate or predestination or a higher being that governs all things in the universe, death is a concept everyone all knows to be inevitable and irreversible. No one can escape from it. We all breathe and walk each day with the knowledge that someday, old age or health might catch up to us and we would lose our partners. This is why it is very important to cherish all our relationships, and not take what we have for granted.

The matter of loss and love is something that cannot be put down to words. The feelings are indescribable, coupled with a duration and an intensity that is beyond one’s imagination. The longer and closer the relationship one might have had with their romantic partner, the more intense and distressing the pain will be. Life might seem pointless. It might seem very difficult to move on.

However, your beloved partner would want you to move on and live life to its fullest. Grief is a natural response to have. It is the human psyche’s way of dealing and responding to something traumatic.

It is essential that you process your grief and trauma in a way that is healthy. Trauma that is repressed and not appropriately dealt with comes with negative implications. Neuroscience studies have shown that trauma can influence and affect the state of one’s brain and mental health. For you to be able to move on from the passing on of your partner, you have to dedicate your effort and time into healing and recuperating from wounds. It is no easy feat because such wounds are deep and psychological. It could even be an uphill battle. But remember that you are not alone.

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