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Holding a funeral wake during Phase 3 “Heightened Alert” (From 10 August 2021 Onwards)

Update: From 10th August onwards: No. of funeral wake attendees is capped at 30 pax Visitors can sit in groups of 5   Holding a funeral wake during Phase 2 “Heightened Alert” (From 22 July – 18 August 2021 Onwards) Key Changes: Groups of not more than 2 pax & no intermingling of groups. Every table […]

Covid-19: Rules and regulations (Singapore) for funeral wakes during Circuit Breaker Phase 3

***For Latest Phase 2 (Heightened Alert: 16 May – 13 Jun 2021) Rules and Regulations, refer to this link:   Phase 3 rules and regulations for Funeral Wakes in Singapore (Updated on 20th April 2021)   Latest update: From 8th – 30th May 2021: Attendees at funerals will be reverted back to a cap of 30 pax […]

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A Helpful Guide On Attending Different Kinds Of Funerals

In Singapore, funerals are quite a common occurrence, and many of us may have had to attend them because of the passing of an older family member or someone else that we know. We often know the general rule of attending funerals, such as not wearing clothing that is sloppy or skimpy as they are […]

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Technology And The Internet – The Elixir Against Death?

In the world of the 21stcentury, science has seen countless advancements in various fields from biomedical all the way to quantum physics. Technology has revolutionised the way we live. Humans are more connected, no matter the distance between them or the time zone one lives in. We can all thank the Internet for this radical […]

Mourning & Coping With The Loss Of Your Romantic Partner

When you find the one, it just goes without saying that you do not want to lose the person that we want to spend the rest of our lives with. Some of us spend a long period of time, just waiting and searching for the other half of us, the person who is said to […]

A Guide To The Five Stages Of Grief & How To Cope

What is grief? According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, grief is an intense and deep sense of distress, usually caused by bereavement. When facing the reality of losing a loved one, the emotional response and suffering that follows is only natural and universal to everyone. Death is inevitable and often unforgiving. As much as we […]

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Why Cremation Is Becoming More Popular In Singapore

After a loved one has passed away, it is not easy for the family members to decide what to do with the body of deceased person. For most people, the end point of the grieving process includes the cremation or the burial of the departed. As a result, deciding on which option to embark on […]

How To Organise A Funeral Service Under A Budget

Funeral planning may be a daunting task that many of us would tend to avoid. However, it is crucial to take ownership of the process of funeral arrangements. If one is not careful, the costs that go into funeral planning and preparations can be budget. Save yourself from incurring unnecessary costs and make sure that […]

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The Different Cultures of Funeral Rites in Singapore

Funerals are serious and significant affairs. In Singapore, the multicultural and multiracial landscape means that there are different traditions and customs in the funeral services being held. It is wise and important to be informed of the various etiquettes, taboos and funeral rites. Even if you are not part of that cultural or ethnic group, […]

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Locations Where You Can Have A Funeral In Singapore

In the twenty first century Singapore, many of us live in the pursuit of happiness and success. The hustle and bustle of city living keeps us going, with technology and the Internet constantly flashing to us new information and content. We are often thinking about where are the latest restaurants to go have a meal […]

Funeral Emcee

Holding a funeral is never easy, let an expert step in and take the lead instead. At Embrace Funeral Services, we provide professional funeral emcee services to direct and officiate the rites and farewell ceremonies.

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A List Of Facts You Might Not Know About Chinese Funerals

What happens when a Chinese person passes away in Singapore? Truth be told, there are many things that go on behind the scenes for an average Chinese funeral in Singapore. Some common types of Chinese funeral services are Buddhist and Taoist funerals. However, even between the two, each funeral procession and ceremony can differ, depending […]

Funeral Services, Bereavement Services Singapore

The Behind The Scenes Of A Gravedigger’s Work Process

Exhumations can be a period of time that is traumatic for the family members and loved ones involved. Given the size and landmass of Singapore, the island city has put into place policies that call for the exhumation of burial sites after a set amount of years have gone by. This is a response to […]