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Covid-19: Rules and regulations (Singapore) for funeral wakes during Circuit Breaker Phase 3

***For Latest Phase 2 (Heightened Alert: 16 May – 13 Jun 2021) Rules and Regulations, refer to this link:   Phase 3 rules and regulations for Funeral Wakes in Singapore (Updated on 20th April 2021)   Latest update: From 8th – 30th May 2021: Attendees at funerals will be reverted back to a cap of 30 pax […]

Holding a funeral wake during Phase 3 “Heightened Alert” (From 10 August 2021 Onwards)

Update: From 10th August onwards: No. of funeral wake attendees is capped at 30 pax Visitors can sit in groups of 5   Holding a funeral wake during Phase 2 “Heightened Alert” (From 22 July – 18 August 2021 Onwards) Key Changes: Groups of not more than 2 pax & no intermingling of groups. Every table […]

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A Helpful Guide On Attending Different Kinds Of Funerals

In Singapore, funerals are quite a common occurrence, and many of us may have had to attend them because of the passing of an older family member or someone else that we know. We often know the general rule of attending funerals, such as not wearing clothing that is sloppy or skimpy as they are […]

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What Is Anticipatory Grief And How Can You Process It?

What is anticipatory grief? For most people, they might not experience this sort of grief. However, there might be some of you who may have gone through this feeling of grief that you might not have the words to describe it. For all you know, you could have been going through what is termed as […]

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How To Survive Those Nights Of Sleeplessness After Loss

Dealing with the pain and grief of losing a loved one is not easy. Not only does it take a toll on one’s emotional state, the experience of loss also comes with an array of physical side effects. One of perhaps the most common reactions is insomnia – that feeling when one is simply unable […]

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How To Reconstruct Your Grief Narrative Through Journaling

Have you lost the ability to feel joy? Do you want a way out of the cycle of feeling low and lifeless? Stick around to learn about a practical method to break free from the cycle of victimhood that grief has placed you in. The language that we use brings insight to the patterns of […]

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Healing Heartbreak And Soothing The Soul With Yoga

No matter what day or season it is, moving on from a recent loss is not that easy. In fact, it is quite an insurmountable feat. With the recent festivities such as the Lunar New Year or the forthcoming Valentine’s Day, old wounds might surface and reopen. Grief that has not been resolved, no matter […]

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What Kind Of Gifts You Can Send Or Bring To A Funeral

If you have been to most funerals in Singapore, they are filled with an overwhelming amount of flowers. Whether they are placed around the casket or left as gift bouquets at the entrance, flowers have become the go-to funeral gift idea. They are a visual representation of one’s grief, one’s sympathy and one’s respect for […]

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Style Of Grieving: Intuitive Grief VS Instrumental Grief

In their research of grief, two prominent psychiatrists, Terry Martin and Kenneth Doka, identified two major patterns of grief response. Known as intuitive grief and instrumental grief, the psychiatrists observed that these two different styles of grieving existed on a spectrum, being the extremes or the end points. What is intuitive grief? For some cultures, […]

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Getting Through Grief During The Holiday Season In Singapore

The holidays can be a challenging time for those who mourning the loss of a loved one. Amidst the festive atmosphere, it can be difficult to connect to the celebratory season. No matter how many presents you wrap up or how much dinner you stuff into your mouth, the absence of someone is simply a […]

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Creative Ways You Can Use To Help Children Cope With Grief

As adults, we might be able to better understand our own emotions and feelings of pain. We can understand grief as a response to loss, such as the death of a loved one. We are able to see and recognise the emotional and psychological nuances when it comes to the experience of grieving and mourning. […]

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What Are Stuck Points In Grief And How To Address Them

Stuck points is a term that was coined within the research exploring post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). When people struggle to recover from the traumatic events, they might run into stuck points that are linked to how they think about themselves, their surroundings and the world. While the death of a loved one may or may […]

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Soundscapes Of Death And Loss: Music’s Role In Mourning

When it comes down to emotional expression, music always been associated as the most powerful mode for displaying the range of the human consciousness. In sadness, in jubilance, in celebration, in tradition, music has always been around to convey something innate and inherent. It has done great things for us. Yet, it is through grief, […]