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Covid-19: Rules and regulations (Singapore) for funeral wakes during Circuit Breaker Phase 3

IMPORTANT: Click here for the latest Covid-19 Updates, Rules, and Restrictions for Funeral wakes.   Phase 3 rules and regulations for Funeral Wakes in Singapore (Updated on 20th April 2021)   Latest update: From 8th – 30th May
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A Helpful Guide On Attending Different Kinds Of Funerals

In Singapore, funerals are quite a common occurrence, and many of us may have had to attend them because of the passing of an older family member or someone else that we know. We often know the general rule of attending funerals, such as not wearing clothing

Holding a funeral wake during Phase 3 “Heightened Alert” (From 10 August 2021 Onwards)

IMPORTANT: Click here for the latest Covid-19 Updates, Rules, and Restrictions for Funeral wakes. Update: From 10th August onwards: No. of funeral wake attendees is capped at 30 pax Visitors can sit in groups of 5   Holding a funeral wake during Phase 2
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Understanding How Grief Works In Relation To Traumatic Loss

After one or two months, it is not unusual or uncommon to be in bereavement. However, prolonged bereavement might be a hint to traumatic grief and post-traumatic stress. While there may be similarities and commonalities among the people who are experiencing
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What You Should Not Be Saying To A Friend Whose Grieving

Losing someone very dear and close to your heart can be very traumatising and difficult to go through. Seeing the relationship with a loved one forcefully come to an end will trigger a lot of pain and emotional distress, no matter how much you brace yourself

Holding Funeral Wakes During This Covid-19 Circuit Breaker Period

Important: Read the most updated Covid-19 Funeral Rules and Restrictions in Singapore. We have been getting quite a number of queries regarding holding funeral wakes during this Covid-19 situation, especially during this “Circuit Breaker”. Below is a
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Ways On Coping With Grief During This Lockdown Period

Times are changing as the world goes through a pandemic that has upended public life as we know it. With each passing day, worry and dread hang in the air as the news keep flooding in with updates of numbers and cases. As governments and countries start
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Five Poses In Yoga That Can Help Your Healing Process

Taking care of yourself during a time of loss and grief is important. This is why yoga is currently the “in” thing today, among the young and the old. Given that yoga focuses on wellness of the body and the spirit, the exercises and sequences taught in a
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Reasons Why It Is Important To Connect With Your Grief

Sometimes, it might seem like a person does not feel that they are not grieving as much as they should be. There are various reasons for this apparent absence of grief. It could be chalked up to a denial of truth and reality. It could also be due to the
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Absent Grief: A Guide To Understanding How It Works

No matter how much you read up online, there is truly nothing that can prepare you for the reality that hits you like grief does. The experience of grief is full of surprises, none of which that will excite you. As a natural reaction to loss and trauma, grief
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What Is Anticipatory Grief And How Can You Process It?

What is anticipatory grief? For most people, they might not experience this sort of grief. However, there might be some of you who may have gone through this feeling of grief that you might not have the words to describe it. For all you know, you could have
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How To Survive Those Nights Of Sleeplessness After Loss

Dealing with the pain and grief of losing a loved one is not easy. Not only does it take a toll on one’s emotional state, the experience of loss also comes with an array of physical side effects. One of perhaps the most common reactions is insomnia – that
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How To Reconstruct Your Grief Narrative Through Journaling

Have you lost the ability to feel joy? Do you want a way out of the cycle of feeling low and lifeless? Stick around to learn about a practical method to break free from the cycle of victimhood that grief has placed you in. The language that we use brings